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Heroes OC: Mizuki Tanaka
known ability: Game Engine Synchronicity
age; 17 -18 
birthday: 11th April 
gender: female
hometown, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Mizuki had what most girls would have, a normal, yet troubled  life being  profoundly gifted, to a point where she skipped a grade  she felt isolated from her peers  as well as having issues with being seen as unattractive in her view . at first she didn't realize she had a ability, initially dismissing it as just a learning curve, it wasn't until she found herself armed with the monado from the xenoblade chronicles  that she realized that she had the ability to utilize, interface and manipulate data stored within the games themselves. this however, caused her to alienate herself from her peers, fearing that she would be  even more of an outcast. it wasn't until she came across Peter Petrelli,who encouraged her to see her ability in a different light  that she began to embrace her new-found status as an evolved human.  she soon learned of the existence of a second  person with her ability who also happened to be japanese american by the name of Dante Honda  and so set off to find him, only to learn that he was captured by Omegatech who was the successor of Renautas and so teamed up with ando masahashi, kimiko masahashi, (nee nakamura) ren shimosawa and others to rescue  him and  countless other evos held there  after helping take down a terrorist who can change his form based on nightmares, aided by  Ren shimosawa , the latter using his knowledge of games , she learned of an evo who posseded onmikinesis, who was causing a divide between evos due to his beliefs that evos are far superior than normal humans, branding the latter , unevolved and planning to eradicate most of humanity , bar his followers ,and  teamed up with other evos to thwart his plans and save the world. after learning that she was admitted to a games design course in New York Institute Of Technology , she overhauled her life, dumped her boyfriend, Junichi Ishida   who often made her feel inferior , cut off the fake friends and made a fresh start with Dante Honda, who she fell in love with, hopefully being able to save the world should she need to 


No journal entries yet.


Shelley Louise Greenaway
United Kingdom


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